About Pawstone Creations

About Pawstone Creations

Handmade Crystal Jewelry

Robin Hajdu has been creating since her little fingers could grasp. All aspects of art, from painting and sculpting to making jewelry (basically any craft she could get her hands on), have been her happy place. Art, in conjunction with animals, has been the comfort her soul has always needed. This is how Pawstone Creations came to fruition. Robin always longed to merge her 2 greatest passions, art and animals, and after many years of delving into other careers she was ready to take that leap of faith.

Team Members

Meet the Pawstone Creations family.


3 years old
Sage is a golden retriever who serves as protector of the cats. She barks at anyone that dares to walk by the house and enjoys dancing with Mom and deer hopping. Sage falls in love with every person she meets, and favorite person of all is Robin’s Mom.


8 years old
Born in Robin’s parents’ backyard, Ernie is a talkative cat who looks you right in the eye and responds to your questions. He fetches better than the dog and sings like a bird. He is the best big brother to the kittens and took to them naturally. The fluffiest and softest cat ever.


7 months old
Luke is the naughty boy in the house; he is a kleptomaniac with a tendency to steal jewelry chains and more. He is a Tasmanian devil by day and a cuddler by night. Luke is the boy who taught Robin how to fall in love again. Her little savior.


Kai the Kowboy (he looks like a cow) is the feistier twin of the kittens. He will grab your face with both paws to pull you in for kisses. He loves to play with his brothers - los tres amigos.


Leilani is Kai’s twin sister. She is a dilute calico with unique markings and big amber eyes. She has taken a strong liking to her Daddy and loves to cuddle with her brother, but she also values her space and is Miss Independent. Common phrase: Where’s Lani?

What Our Customers Think

  • I’m the biggest fan of all of my Pawstone jewelry, especially my raw garnet ring (which was actually my first ever purchase)! I love that all pieces are handcrafted, making no piece exactly the same. This jewelry is so perfectly unique and cannot be found anywhere else!

    Gianna C.

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